Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just plain WRONG...smh

This is just disturbing. I couldn't even laugh when i saw this, because it was just that nasty. Parents were teaching their children (who look only 7 or 8) to dance like HOES! Now i know older teens dance like this, including myself, but thats ok because we're older. Honestly, seeing them dance like that made me reevaluate myself. It really looks like sex on the dance floor. For a mother to promote lil kids to grind on other little boys and rub up on their lil ding a lings is fcukn disgusting!

Another reason why this video is really disturbing is because i'm pretty sure a few of those kids are related and encouraging your own family member to grind against their private parts could def lead to incest. EWW
Lastly, the kids seem to really know what they're doing. The way they were goin up against the wall and poppin their lil booties. Then the boys were puttin their hands in places they shouldn't be and some of them were even thrusting their bodies like they were perfoming "doggy style".


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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maia Campbell's on some otha ish...

If you haven't seen it it is.
Do you guys remember the show "In the House" that she was on with LL Cool J?
Well this chick has come a long way.
I couldn't believe this was here when i saw her. Tha chick is def CRACKED out. Apparently she's been doin crystal meth HEAVY and on top of that some say she might be suffering from bi-polar disorder.
She was really pretty and i thought she was gonnna make it. After In the House she did a few small rolls yet still building her resume.

I don't know what led this girl to drugs or prostitution, but it's really sad.

After all the hype that this video was getting, her aunt enrolled her into rehab. Hopefully she stays with it and gets the help/treatment she deserves.

my new obsession*

This is one of my new favorite outfits that i got from Forever 21*
loves it!
The skirt part is what attracted my eye  but once i put it on...i fell in love with the whole thing

i hope you like it too*

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