Saturday, August 29, 2009

From a HU Pirate to a RU Scarlet Knight

Yesterday marked the beginnig my journey at Rutgers University. I moved into my new dorm room. It was official; i would not be returning to Hampton University, I would no longer have a "home by the sea", and i would no longer be a Pirate. I'm really gonna miss everybody that i met there, but i will always have the memories.

I can already tell that Rutgers University is a very competitive school. Transitioning is going to be hard, not only because of the academics but also the navigation. Rutgers is HUGE campus and its gonna take me awhile to figure out the bus system here. But i can handle it. So far i love it!
I'm still in my orientation week so i dont have any real stories yet, but the updates will come.
But so far, ive made a few friends, my roommates cool, their are so many resources available, and it seems like im gonna have a great first year here.

Nothing will ever replace my first year at hampton. I will foreva b a Hamptonian at heart*

simpy me*

Sick of the ignorant youth....

Last night my best friend texted me at 5:20am with some really disturbing and sad news. I knew it was gonna be something big bcuz...come on it was 5 o'clock in the morning!

Low and behold her older brother who is also a close friend of mine was held up at GUN POINT! The man stole his car and cell phone. I immediately wanted to cry but i held it in. I really dont understand what's wrong with people now a days. This is why places like irvington and newark (which i heard from the older generation used to be a nice place) gets these bad reputations, because of ignorant, stupid, dumb, low life scums who have nothing better to do with their lives than ruine someone elses.

The only thing that i was happy about was that the man didnt take his life. material things can be replaced but i life can not.

I guess i just have to keep prayin until the world changes....

                                                                                                                       simply me*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"ughh ma...can i talk to you?"

So last week, August 19th to be exact, I came out to my mother. I've been wanting to tell her i'm bi for awhile but it neva seemed like the right time or i just couldnt get my mouth to spit those words out. But somehow on August 19th...i did it.

Suprisingly she took it a lot better than i thought she would, probably because i knew she knew. She told me when she started wondering if i was interested in the opposite sex and she knew exactly who the person was. I guess that kinda made the conversation a lil easier knowing that she knew who it was and for how long.
But none the less it was still kinda hard. I know a few people who didnt have such an easy experience coming out to their parents and i hate that. Even though my mother doesnt really accept it, she still wasnt that judgemental or negative and i love her for that. I really have tha best mommy a girl could ask for.

Of course the conversation did get weird because she started asking a bunch of questions. She thought that each time i had told her that i was goin to my "friend's" house that we hooked I had to explain to her that it wasnt true. Yea we did hook up sometimes but not all tha time. wasnt always sexual. And other uncomfortable questions followed but i couldnt give her all the answers, because some stuff she just doesnt need to know about. But im glad that she asked. She was still a lil uneasy bcuz she thought that i was gonna grow up to only like girls...become a lesbian. So i told her even though theres nothing wrong with lesbians or being a lesbian...i am not one. I let her  know that even though i am attracted to girls, i like guys better....always have.  I am gonna get married to a man (lol) and give her some grandbabies. She let out a big sigh of relief. That kinda upset me, but it was expected from her.

I ended the conversation by telling her you shouldnt be relieved that im not should be happy for me no matter what. She then hugged me and said Morg I'll always love you no matter what but you cant be mad at me for how i feel. I looked at her and smiled....then hugged her back. :)

Im really glad to have told her. She's been hinting for me to tell her for awhile, so to finally get it off my chest was a big step.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

love her*

I love Chanel Iman*
She's def one of my idols. She carries herself so well and her style is ridiculous.
I love seeing new african american models. There a shortage of them unfortunately...

Friday, August 14, 2009 of the free? yea right

I really wish people would realize how bad words and actions can hurt. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when your opinion leads to hate or a hate crime, it becomes a problem. "Can't we all just get along?", People have been asking this question for centuries and we still haven't gotten it right.

We've come a long with race battles and i can say that things have drastically changed for the better. Although racism and prejudice still exists today, it isn't as bad as it was.

Now a days, societies biggest "difference" issue is gay rights.

For as long as i can remember ive always been a supporter of equal rights for everyone. No matter your race, religion, ethnic background, sexuality everyone deserves to be treated equally. But unfortunately, their are hateful people out there who think other wise. Some people have become accustomed to the gay lifestyle but when it comes to marriage people act like its the end of the world. What i never understood is why would they care?? WHY?

I was watching an episode of Kathy Griffin's Life on the D List and on this episode she was campaigning gay rights in CA. She attended a protest for Prop 8. For those of you who dont know, Prop 8 is a stupid law that was passed in CA (california of all places) which stated that same sex marriage will not be legal or recognized in the state. Smh...

Also during that episode, she went door to door asking people whethere they voted "yes" or "no" for Prop 8. For those who answered "yes", she then asked them the simple question "If gay marriage was legal, would that actually affect you in any way?" All of them said NO!

This is what really gets me angry. Gay marriage wont affect your life in any way, so why does it matter if they do it!

Everyone deserves a chance at happiness. Everyone deserves a chance to be with the one they love. When will the world realize that...

Also on that episode, Kathy informed me about an incident that i had never heard of; the case of Matthew Shepard. Matthew Shepard was a gay Wyoming college student who was tied to a fence post and beaten to DEATH! ALL BECAUSE HE WAS GAY! i immediately googled him and watched the movie. I cried and cried. It was really sad. And the worse part about it is, things like this happen every day.

This world needs a major

im gonna stop now, because i could go on for days about this....

Simply me