Saturday, November 13, 2010

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Primere

Most of the focus will be on Emma Watson because her haircut is giving me LIFEEE!!

Is it just me or is Rupert Grint (Ron) getting cute?

What did i tell you?? FIERCE
I haven't seen someone pull off a pixie cut this well since Carey Mulligan.

Cute Right? :)

*Keep Dreamin*

Demi Lovato Seeks Help for Cutting and Depression

Disney star Demi Lovato recently checked herself into rehab. Close sources to the star say it was for cutting. Lovato once suffered from an eating disorder while dealing with bullying in school. Sources believe her battle with weight has led to her cutting.
This is really sad. I didn't expect this. She's so beautiful. It amazes me how people can have such negative representations of themselves. What's even worse are the people who take advatage of others who have low self-esteem...its horrible.
Someone at my job actually scared me with a comment that she made stating, "I only eat once a day. I weigh 120 pounds...I'm so fat". The comment disgusted me because this girl is already skinny and pretty but she doesn't see that. Its sad. 

I wish her a speedy recovery and a lot of encouragement to defeat this battle she has with herself.

*Keep Dreamin*

"You take me way past the point of turning me on"

Rihanna ft. Drake- "What's My Name"

ughhh I've been waiting for this video for sooo long and its finally here!!
1) Let me just say they look really good together...I mean if she dumped Matt Kemp for Drake I wouldn't be mad lol.
2) SHE LOOKS AMAZING!! I dont care what anyone says I lovee the red hair. Her accessories were def on point in this video...(props def go to the stylist).
3) Drake was lookin all types of SEXY!!

What do you think about the song & video??

*Keep Dreamin*

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'll Have Him for Dinner Plzzzzz lol!

May I introduce you to.....Willy Monfret!!!

I was first introduced to this beautiful man in Nicki Minak's "Right Thru Me" video. He looks too damn good. From his gorgeous eyes to his washboard abs...Monfret defines SEXY!
He's of French and African-American descent....Ohh la la.

Enjoy :P

Black Girls Rock!

Black Girls Rock is a fabulous non-profit mentoring and empowering organization that helps young women of color find their inner beauty and realize their true value. They focus around girls ages 12-17 and show them enriching opportunities through mentorship, arts education, and cultural exploration.
DJ Beverly Bond, founder of Black Girls Rock, is such an inspiration. I really admire all that she has done to help these young women of color live up to their full potential.
On Nov.7th, Black Girls Rock award show aired on BET and I was blown away. Whenever I see my people coming together for the better good really warms my heart. My biggest goal in life is to make a positive change in my community and hopefully the world; DJ Beverly Bond has done just that.

Here are some pics from BGR!


Keke Palmer (loveee her) Acceptance Speech

Black Girls ROCKKKKKK!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


That's right all you Weezy fans and HATERS...Lil Wayne was released from Riker's Island yesterday! After serving 8 months in prison for gun charges, he was released on good behavior (his initial sentence was 1yr).
Twitter was going HAM yesterday with welcome back Weezy tweets and dedicated fans (including myself) desplaying their appreciation for the artist.
Its was amazing to see how connected fans can be with artists. Sometimes I don't think artists really understand the impact they have on our lives. A lot of fans, especially the younger ones, are very impressionable and tend to watch every move they make.

I also found it funny that we were saying welcome back, because in all honesty was he really gone? Weezy still managed to make songs and even appear in videos while he was behind so technically he wasn't that abscent from our lives.

Welcome Home Weezy Music Edition
  • Weezy currently has a mixtape out entitled "Welcome Home Weezy"
Check it out here: Welcome Home Weezy Mixtape
  • Drake announced that there would be a "Welcome Home Weezy" concert today. An exact location has not been disclosed yet.
So prepare for some more crazy beats, heavy hittin lyrics, and a weezy takeover on the radio
Once again...Welcome Home Weezy :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Am the Rager...I Am Forever

Man on the Moon 2: The Prequel to the Rage

Track List
1. Know Why
2. Dangerous
3. All Talk ft. Chip tha Ripper
4. Wasting My Minutes
5. Never Come Down
6. Pion
7. All Summer ft. Bethany Consentino Rostam Batmanglij
8. Erase Me ft. Kanye West
9. Maniac ft. Cage
10. Mojo So Dope
11. Mr. Rager
12. Wylin Cause I'm Young ft. Kanye West
13. REVOFEV (Revolution of Evolution)
14. Cruisin
15. Did You Get it
16. Just For You
17. Follow Me
18. Come Around

Cudi is back at it again!
The depth of this man's lyrics are incredible. He definitely sets himself apart from others lyrically.
I love when artists bring something new to music and these new waves of Hip Hop that are emerging are not only helping it grow as a genre but also as a culture.

The mixtape is a mix of new tracks and tracks from Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Check out the mixtape here: