Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When you've got a family like mine....who needs anything else?

"Other things may change us, but we start AND end with family"- Rosaleen Dickson

Christmas and the days following have been great thanks to my family. Honestly no one puts a greater smile on my face than them and whenever we're all together it's nothing but laughter...maybe some arguments here or there but hey we're only human. My Christmas weekend was filled with great food, company, sledding with the greatest nephew in the world, skating at the roller rink, and lastly seeing Meet the Fockers (which i just came from watching). Sorry but please don't waste your money on this movie...its REALLY not worth it. The only reason i went was to see my friends who I havent seen since the summer. I'm trying to soak up as much friends and family time as I can before I have to go back to work.

On another note, I recently became OBSESSED witht the show Grey's Anatomy after my boo forced me to watch it. Unfortunately, that forced viewing was the last episode of the 5th season and they just started the 6th, so I decided I was going to catch up during break and watch every episode leading up to the present...its ADDICTING! I fell in love with the characters and story line so fast, almost like love at first site. But in reality when I first heard of this show I just thought it was another dumb hospital drama, considering how WRONG i was, I now try to give things a chance before assuming the worst.

How were your holidays dreamers?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paramore Splits?

Yesterday Paramore announced that their lead drummer and guitarist, brothers Josh and Zac Farro, are leaving the group. Supposedly the brothers were unhappy and didn't really seem that into the band for months. Zac is already a part of a new band called The Tunnel...he definitely didn't waste any time.

It's sad because Paramore is one of my favorite rock bands (along with Flyleaf). They were a great team and made amazing songs, but hopefully they will recover from this major split. The remaining members, Lead singer Hayley Williams, Guitarist Taylor York, and Bassist Jeremy Davis have no intention of ending the band. They plan to continue touring and making great music. I hope with these remaining members and hopefully some new ones, they can live up to the Paramore name!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Going Natural?

Its been on my mind for awhile to go back to my natural roots, not  to mention my mother really wants me to do it as well as an acquaintance from school.
The only thing that's holding me back is fear. Fear of going from medium/long hair to barely nothing at all. Now i know there are several choices and ways to go natural one that doesnt even require me to cut my hair off at all, but cutting it off would be the easiest and quickest way to return my hair back to its natural state.
Did I mention its much healthier too! The chemicals used to perm my hair can have life long effects...and NOT the good kind.
But I'm very interested in the new styles I would be able to try with my natural nappy roots and I could always add weave or wear a wig if i really wanted to change it up.

Here are some lovely ladies who have gone the natural route:

Now im not really into locks so ill probably just grow it out  and maybe do some kinky twists if i do decide to go natural.
Here are some hair cut styles I like:

Have any of you dreamers gone natural? Or made a drastic hair change?
If so, how did you build up the confidence to do it??

All I want for Christmas is You.....well maybe those shoes too!

Hey Dreamers,
I'm sorry I've been away. I've been engulfed by the high demands of school, work, and trying to squeeze a social life in between. I really want to get my blog back to normal...back to me writing frequently. I love this blog and it saddens me that I've been neglecting it and my readers.
I will try my best to keep it consistent.
On a brighter note, "Christmas time is here...Can't wait to hear those slay bells ringing"!
Honestly, the only thing i want for xmas is to b home with my family and hopefully see my friends but i feel like work is going to get in the way. It's so demanding but I love making money....idk we'll see. As far as gifts, I'm not really expecting anything. In my house were a lil too old to be receiving big gifts, now its like the occassional stuff you need like slippers or gloves. Its cute that my grandparents still give money in envelopes though. I just love being around my family and cant wait to see them...I wouldnt trade them for the world♥
From the songs to the candy....I love it.
Remember how exciting and thrilling Christmas was when we were kids and how Santa was the greatest person known to man. I know we all wished that we could visit the North Pole and personally deliver our lists to him...♥

What do you love about Christmas?
And if you celebrate another Holiday, what do you love about it?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Smoking Hot?

Smoking continues to be very prevelant in fashion ads
I've never been a fan of smoking but fashion ads seem to make it so appealing....


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lady in a Leopard Dress

So yesterday I did a shoot for my friend who's doing her final semester project for her photography class. The project is entitled "Pride". The basis of the project is to represent every color in the rainbow by showing each category of LGBTQ. So there will be a gay man, lesbian (AG & femme), bisexual, transgender, etc. My friend is covering the bisexual and i loved her shoot because it was like an alter-ego shoot...where she'll be in the same photo twice but playing two different roles. I am covering the lesbian femme (even though i'm bi). I just wanted to be apart of the project because i thought it was soo interesting. I know most of the people in the project so its great.

This is the dress i wore. I decided to take my own photo of myself after the shoot was over. Once those pics have been developed I'll put them up. In the shoot I was just trying to personify a really girly lesbian who was getting dressed.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Africa Tattoo

I want this tattoo sooooo bad!! The image below is what I was actually thinking about getting but i love the placement of the tattoo above. I was thinkin either there or on my lower hip.
I was also thinking about having the outline of the american flag inside the outline of Africa, but replaced with the Pan-African colors.
I've been thinking about this for awhile because I am African-American and I wanted a way to represent that in tattoo form. Although it saddens me that I can't connect myself to any of my African ancestors, I know that is where they are from. 
The "Black Power" symbol in the middle is so beautiful because I am all about improving the lives of my fellow African-Americans and just increasing the peace.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Motel Rocks....Must haves!

These dresses are hott

Thank-you SPERRY much!!

*Sperry Topsiders Wish List*

COLOR ME Badddddd!

4 of my favorite ladies and their colorful wigs!!
They embrace individuality and i LOVE it

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions"

I saw this too and thought it was cutee

Rihanna for Interview Magazine and GQ Magazine

Fierce of course

GQ Magazine