Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OBSESSED: Owl Jewelery

So ever since I bought my first owl necklace from Forever21, I've been obsessed with owl jewelery!
Owls are so cute and something about this animal in jewelery form is cute.
No elephants, no butterflies....I WANT OWLS!! lol

I currently have 2 owl necklaces, 1 really obnoxious owl ring, and 1 pair of owl earrings...I need to stock up on more. My roommate has an owl ring that i envy...lo quiero!!

Here are some pieces i have my eyes on:

Fashion in the Citaay!

NY Fashion Week

I was lucky enough to attend NYC Fashion Week, but unfortunately we got their kind of late so we missed a lot of big name celebrities.
Here's a few pics...sorry I'm a little sleepy so this post won't be containing much dialogue lol

(We saw KIMORAAA!!)
I also got to see Gwen Stefani and Que from pics tho

We had a great time and ate at a delicious Italian restaurant called Novela :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Race

Last week I saw someone wearing a shirt with this image on it and i fell in love.
I'm an activist for equality, peace, and love.
I thought this image possessed so many messages. I want/plan to do everything in my power to bring as much peace in this world as i can.
It sounds so cliche but...Can't we all just get along?

A few days later i had a fake breakdown because I was so hurt and depressed by the state our society is in.
It really breaks my heart that there's so much hatred in the world. I felt like I wasn't doing enough...or that I would never be able to do enough. I know i can't cure the world of it's hatred because everyone has their own preference but I just want to enlighten the world on how much better this place would be if we eliminated the hatred and glorified "difference". Even saying the word "hate" makes my teeth cringe. My mom always said you should never say "hate"...maybe "strongly dislike" but never "hate".

  • I strongly dislike having to look behind my back when I walk down the street or peek at my shadow to make sure that no one is following me or trying to hurt me.
  • I strongly dislike knowing that there are men and women out there who prey on children and even adults to sexually abuse them.
  • I strongly dislike knowing that my race has becomed one of the most feared and mocked races in the world.
  • I strongly dislike knowing that the word/meaning of "race" has caused so much separation and destruction to so many people and minds.
  • I strongly dislike knowing that the LGBTQ community has to fight for equality when they live in the "Land of the Free"...ha yea right
My list is endless...and that's what pains me the most. My eyes are now watering as I'm writing this.
I don't want to have to live in fear....I just want everyone to be happy.

Marvin Gaye- "What's Goin On"

Nicki Minaj & Kid Cudi Cover Complex Magazine

Nicki Minaj & Kid Cudi Cover the Oct/Nov Issue of Complex Magazine

This double cover issue is a great mix. On one side you have Hip Hop's mistress Nicki Minaj who lets us in on some personal information from how she broke into the music to her sexuality; The on the other side you have the kool kid of Hip Hop...Kid Cudi. His interview is a little bit more personal as he tells us the battle he faced with cocaine and even disses fellow rapper Wale (i wasnt a fan of the dis).
(I'm actually listening to Kid Cudi's new mixtape The Past of Mr.Rager right now...CHECK IT OUT NOW)

Please check out these interviews at

Kid Cudi's was probably my favorite because he held nothing back. He has no problems with being real.
It was just a beautiful interview.

Nicki Minaj was the only one to receive a photo layout...and she looks flawless!
 (She looks beautiful here...her eyes are hypnotizing)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Momma Likes :)

Nike Women's Concepts collection
Sweet High Classics

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Wiz

This is a lil old, only because i was being lazy and didn't upload it to blogger lol.

My fav skinny man covered the August issue of Honey magazine looking oh so scrumptious!

I'm so glad my boy put me on Wiz cuz his music is really the truth. People really need to STOP sleepin on him...He's def the next big thing...fcuk it he already is a BIG THING!!
I'm really upset that I can't find this magazine in stores. I don't know if they only sell it in certain areas or what, but i need to get my hands on it.
The spread he did in this magazine almost had me drooling lol. Not only is this man a lyrical beast, he's also not too bad on the eyes either lol ; )

As i mentioned before in a previous post, I got the chance to meet Wiz when he performed at my school (I got a hug and everything!). He's such a humble person and always up for a good time. He seems like a real kool person to chill wit. I'm thinkin about taking a trip to Pittsburgh lol.

“I just keep doing what I’m doing and anybody who knows me, knows that I’m versatile. I can make radio singles, but I’m not doing anything extra or going out of my way to try to do them. I’m trying to make the best, the biggest, the newest, and most creative music that I know how to make.”
( Tattoos do somethin to me....Mmmm )
I'm currently listenin to his mixtape "Keep One Rolled" and "Ink my whole body" jus came on...perfect timing*

He's just true to what he does...NO FRONTIN INVOLVED...that's what i love about him. He has a completely different style (both lyrically & dress wise) that sets him apart from all these other rappers. He's currently on his Waken Baken tour and im upset because none of his stops are in Jersey...I'm hoping he fixes that.

Full Interview

Part 1

Part 2

Images and videos provided by Honey Magazine

~Taylor Gang~