Saturday, August 29, 2009

From a HU Pirate to a RU Scarlet Knight

Yesterday marked the beginnig my journey at Rutgers University. I moved into my new dorm room. It was official; i would not be returning to Hampton University, I would no longer have a "home by the sea", and i would no longer be a Pirate. I'm really gonna miss everybody that i met there, but i will always have the memories.

I can already tell that Rutgers University is a very competitive school. Transitioning is going to be hard, not only because of the academics but also the navigation. Rutgers is HUGE campus and its gonna take me awhile to figure out the bus system here. But i can handle it. So far i love it!
I'm still in my orientation week so i dont have any real stories yet, but the updates will come.
But so far, ive made a few friends, my roommates cool, their are so many resources available, and it seems like im gonna have a great first year here.

Nothing will ever replace my first year at hampton. I will foreva b a Hamptonian at heart*

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  1. word, I know everything will go good there for you...


    the rockstar kid'


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