Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dame Pa' Matala & Rebel Diaz

Dame Pa' Matala!

Dame Pa' Matala (You give me..You kill it)
They a great revolutionary band from Venezuela. They gave a great performance at CUNY college. They're not mainstream yet, but they are blowing up the underground music world. The message of most of their songs is peace, which i loved. Now although i didn't understand all of their songs, I was able to decipher most of them. There songs kept the crowd on their feet with their lively rythm and crazy antics. Intsturments included the bangos, guitar, flute, and maracas* By the end of the show i became infatuated with the lead singer. {He reminded me of Gael Garcia Bernal}
Later we headed to this great Mexican restaurant called Picante in Harlem. We had dinner with the band! I loved it.
I'm trying to upload the video i shot of them, so wish me luck....

Rebel Diaz was the headliner for Dame Pa'Matala and they were great too. They also had the same message of Peace and Tranquility. I don't really have any pics of them from the concert but here's what they look like.

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