Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Am the Rager...I Am Forever

Man on the Moon 2: The Prequel to the Rage

Track List
1. Know Why
2. Dangerous
3. All Talk ft. Chip tha Ripper
4. Wasting My Minutes
5. Never Come Down
6. Pion
7. All Summer ft. Bethany Consentino Rostam Batmanglij
8. Erase Me ft. Kanye West
9. Maniac ft. Cage
10. Mojo So Dope
11. Mr. Rager
12. Wylin Cause I'm Young ft. Kanye West
13. REVOFEV (Revolution of Evolution)
14. Cruisin
15. Did You Get it
16. Just For You
17. Follow Me
18. Come Around

Cudi is back at it again!
The depth of this man's lyrics are incredible. He definitely sets himself apart from others lyrically.
I love when artists bring something new to music and these new waves of Hip Hop that are emerging are not only helping it grow as a genre but also as a culture.

The mixtape is a mix of new tracks and tracks from Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Check out the mixtape here:

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