Sunday, January 9, 2011

Skins= My New Obsession!!

I've never really been a fan of British television let alone their comedy, sorry but the Monty Pythons didn't "tickle my fancy". But somehow I stumbled upon Britain's finest. The show is called Skins and I've fallen in love with it. I was searching through netflix to find something to watch when i see Skins. Now I thought it was the highly advertised MTV show that supposed to be premiering next week, but it turns out that show is just an American remake of the British show.
Its a teen drama filled with problems, sex, drugs, parties, and more sex lol. I swear i don't know what the tv regulation are in the U.K but the US needs to adapt them. What I like most about the show is that each character has their own story line; each episode focuses on a main character so that you really get to know the ins and outs of each one of them.
From the British slang to their clothes i fell in love with these characters. Theres 4 seasons all together with a 5 one premiering soon this year. Every two seasons we're introduced to a new cast. I'm currently on the third season and I'm convinced the 2nd generation is better lol...I think.
Anyway enough of me rambling on...just please check it out, I promise you'll love it. and look out for the American version as well.

1st Generation

2nd Generation
(second generation is sexier too dont you think?)

Clips: Season 1-2 cast

Season 3-4 Cast

Enjoy Dreamers....♥

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