Thursday, June 3, 2010

The 80s Flip

So my twin brother bought these vintagey 80s flip glasses from Spencers. I want them sooo bad, but he won't let me have them. Lol, so when he was at work I decided to have a photoshoot with them.

The glasses were popularized by the infamous Dwayne Wayne of A Different World (Kadeem Hardison)

My Photoshoot :D

HAHA what do you think??


  1. OMG they are amazing i love them!

    Would like to have them right now!

    I love your blog too, so i'm following!

  2. aww thank u soo much!

    n if u have a Spencer's n ur area u shud def go get em lol

    i will def check out ur blog

  3. they sell these @ claires. they're very "of the moment" lol

  4. Alee: they do?? then im gettin them, cuz they're prbly cheaper there.

    kaleido mind: yep yep*


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