Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{{ VIRUS }}

AHHH Dreamers I'm so glad to be reunited with yall....well just for a little while.

I'm sad to report that my laptop caught a horrible virus because I was stupid enough to download limewire after previously deleting it because of complications. IT DESTROYED my hardrive! Now I have to buy a new hardrive and have my friend do the finishing touches on my baby. I'm currently on my grandpa's computer lol...I'm so upset!! :'(
So this is why i haven't been submitting any recent post, but as soon as my baby returns back to her healthy self...I'll be back!

Soo in order to keep my attention while my laptop is being fixed and I search for a 2nd job, I bought a new book. I love reading so I bought the highly anticipated The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. So far its amazing and they even made a movie out it...I NEED TO SEE IT.

Movie Trailer

Well thats it for me Dreamers, hopefully I can get on a computer another time this week.
I'll have photos and stories to share.

: D


  1. aww sorry about your computer :/
    mine is lame too
    it crashes alot,
    i LOVE the quote you wrote on the bottom of my friday inspiration,
    i have to add it to next weeks post!
    and i heard of this book,
    i have to check it out now

  2. That's bad news :-(

    Hope u can blog again soon ;-)

  3. Sorry for your pc, Oh this is a Swedish actor, his story is very controversial. I heard great things about the book and the movie


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