Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Wonderland

Wow, first let me say sorry for the neglect. I've been dealin with a lot lately including the death of a friend (who's funeral I attended earlier today). But I took a weekend getaway (by getaway i just mean GET AWAY from my House lol). I really needed it. It was really great to be around my close friends...and some liquor ;)
I had an amazing weekend. I went to Seaside (for those of you who arent familiar its a NJ Beach...the beach used for MTV's The Jersey Shore), for the day then clubbing in Brooklyn later that night, and the Ville (Greenwich Village,NY) the next day to get my belly button repierced, and finally just had an amazing couple of days with my friends*
I was all smiles


Me & My Girls

Haha this was a crazy night. OUT OF CONTROL
OMG this night was filled with nothing but laughter. My friends and I went to Greenwich Village to get pierced and eat lol. I got my belly repierced and my BRAVE friend below got her nipple done LOL. We then went to this hilarious/creepy restaurant called Jekyll & Hyde. It was filled with pictures and statues that
came to life, an annoying butler that was constantly in ur face, and a secret bookcase like in those old movies that led you to the bathroom. AMAZING

How were your Memorial Day weekends??

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