Friday, July 16, 2010

Random Haul

 Hey Dreamers*

This is just a random haul from a few stores i went to last week.
Between my Forever21 haul, this haul, and getting my laptop fixed ...i pretty much blew my whole check lol.

Love Culture
This is a new store that was added to Willowbrook Mall in Wayne,NJ that i just can't get enough of. I love their accessories. There's so much variety its ridiculous.
Skirt: $10.90
Sandals: *ON SALE* $14.99
1st Necklace: $6.90
Dirty Silver Bow Necklace: $7.90
Studded Cross Ring: $4.90
Bangles: $8.90
Fedora: $8.90
Shades: $4.90

Sandals: *ON SALE* $29.99

Nine West 
Sandals: *ON SALE* $29.99

Random shop in NYC
Maxi dress: gift from my mommy

ENJOY your summer everyone :)


  1. I love th skirt and white sandals!

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