Sunday, July 25, 2010

She Michael Jackson Badd!

~Livin the GOOD life~

Recently Lindsay Lohan was chosen as one of the 3 cover icons for Complex Magazine.
As you know, she used to be one of my favorite child stars but then she turned to drugs and got all fcukd up.
Besides that, it still seems like Lindsay "Lindsanity" Lohan still got it. Her photoshoot was hot and she can easily pull off that sexy pout. I had to put this up because at the end of the day, I still love Lindsay...and it turns out so does Complex magazine lol.
"Rappers might be on that rock shit, but Lindsay Lohan is on that rap shit. Flaking on interviews? Check. Unrepentant bad behaviour? Check. Gully enough to ignore a bench warrant, come back from Europe for a legal hearing, and have her court-supplied alcohol bracelet go off at the MTV Movie Awards? Check and mate."
My favorite!! vv
"She's Weezy, Yeezy, and motherfucking Jeezy all in one. Who else would choose her comeback vehicles to be Robert Rodriguez's Machete and the Linda Lovelace biopic, Inferno? That's gully on both counts. She may have been a Disney ingenue, but about five years ago she took a hard left, and we've been loving her for it—movies or no movies. So yea we've been angling to get her on the cover for a minute now. And when it happened? We're about to remind people that they've been underestimating Lindsay. We're about to ride out together, Bonnie and Clyde style. But some funny things happend on the way to making magic—and they reminded us that Lilo's not lost, she's just trying to hide from the vultures."

Am i wrong??

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