Monday, August 9, 2010

"I'll Fcuk the Shit Out Your ASSpirations"

Wale "More About Nothing"

This mixtape was def about something!
With a mix of spoken word, remarkable beats, quotable lyrics and snippets from Seinfeld you can tell Wale put a lot of effort into his latest mixtape.
I wasn't really feeling the Seinfeld theme because I swore that show off ever since Michael "Kramer" Richards decided to use racial slurs. Sry...still haven't gotten over that.
Other than that his mixtape is POPPIN!!
Track Listing

 1 The Problem
2 The MC
3 The Soup
*4 The Breeze (Cool)
5 The Friends N Strangers
6 The Number Won (Competition)
*7 The Eyes of the Tiger
*8 The War
9 The Break Up Song
10 The Work (Workin)
*11 The Black N Gold
12 The Manipulation Pt. 2
13 KD Interlude
14 The Posse Cut (Who Don't)
15 The Guilty Pleasure (No Hands)
*16 The Trip (Downtown)
*17 The Ambitious Girl  
18 The Motivation (Be Right)
19 The Cloud
20 The Power
21 The Get Away
(The songs with the stars next to them are my favorite)
The title of the post actually comes from "The Ambitious Girl"

Check 'em Out:
"The War"
"The Breeze"
"The Ambitious Girl"


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