Saturday, August 21, 2010

Viva La Mexico!

So I'm surfing the web and i land on this website called Fashion Trendsetters. Its a cool fashion forward site dedicated to informing readers on the latest trends in all things fashion; From color trends to fashion events. While navigating through the page, I found a great accessories piece. According to the website, Mexican inspired jewelry is the hottest thing out right now.

The unique vibrant colors is what attracted me the most to these accessories. The of course came their design and style. I wouldn't mind having all of these accessories in my collection...especially the rings!! They're honestly not the typical accessories you see in everyday stores which is another plus, because I love being original and different when it comes to my style so these pieces would def set me apart from others lol.
I love seeing cultural blends when it comes to fashion. You're basically getting an inside look at style in other countries...its crazy!

What do you think Dreamers?


  1. i love it i would love the rings do you know if they posted where the rings can be bought

  2. Oh wow... I love everything about this post... I love the accessories

  3. Confessions: here's the link that shows where u can purchase the diff items

    under each picture is a list of available items for purchase.
    Click the other pictures for more items

  4. Great post. Love the color in the editorial, Viva Mexico

    ♥ TishaJade

  5. hi

    nice post


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