Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OBSESSED: Owl Jewelery

So ever since I bought my first owl necklace from Forever21, I've been obsessed with owl jewelery!
Owls are so cute and something about this animal in jewelery form is cute.
No elephants, no butterflies....I WANT OWLS!! lol

I currently have 2 owl necklaces, 1 really obnoxious owl ring, and 1 pair of owl earrings...I need to stock up on more. My roommate has an owl ring that i envy...lo quiero!!

Here are some pieces i have my eyes on:


  1. i have that first owl necklace and the ring :)
    i've always loved owls..if i were an animal i'd probably be that cuz of my big eyes lmao.

  2. u do?? those r tha ones i want tha most lol

    && haha in that case i guess i would b too cuz ppl say i have big eyes

    thankss for checkin out my blog :)
    lovee to have u as a follower

  3. yeah they're both pretty cute. the necklace tore up on me where the owl's body connects w/ those little rings :( but it can easily be fixed w/ some glue and tweezers. the ring i have like that is from forever 21 as well & came w/ two matching stud earrings.

    i work at charlotte russe and we have alot of cute owl jewelry too.

    p.s., don't worry i'm a follower already =)


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