Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Race

Last week I saw someone wearing a shirt with this image on it and i fell in love.
I'm an activist for equality, peace, and love.
I thought this image possessed so many messages. I want/plan to do everything in my power to bring as much peace in this world as i can.
It sounds so cliche but...Can't we all just get along?

A few days later i had a fake breakdown because I was so hurt and depressed by the state our society is in.
It really breaks my heart that there's so much hatred in the world. I felt like I wasn't doing enough...or that I would never be able to do enough. I know i can't cure the world of it's hatred because everyone has their own preference but I just want to enlighten the world on how much better this place would be if we eliminated the hatred and glorified "difference". Even saying the word "hate" makes my teeth cringe. My mom always said you should never say "hate"...maybe "strongly dislike" but never "hate".

  • I strongly dislike having to look behind my back when I walk down the street or peek at my shadow to make sure that no one is following me or trying to hurt me.
  • I strongly dislike knowing that there are men and women out there who prey on children and even adults to sexually abuse them.
  • I strongly dislike knowing that my race has becomed one of the most feared and mocked races in the world.
  • I strongly dislike knowing that the word/meaning of "race" has caused so much separation and destruction to so many people and minds.
  • I strongly dislike knowing that the LGBTQ community has to fight for equality when they live in the "Land of the Free"...ha yea right
My list is endless...and that's what pains me the most. My eyes are now watering as I'm writing this.
I don't want to have to live in fear....I just want everyone to be happy.

Marvin Gaye- "What's Goin On"

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