Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lady in a Leopard Dress

So yesterday I did a shoot for my friend who's doing her final semester project for her photography class. The project is entitled "Pride". The basis of the project is to represent every color in the rainbow by showing each category of LGBTQ. So there will be a gay man, lesbian (AG & femme), bisexual, transgender, etc. My friend is covering the bisexual and i loved her shoot because it was like an alter-ego shoot...where she'll be in the same photo twice but playing two different roles. I am covering the lesbian femme (even though i'm bi). I just wanted to be apart of the project because i thought it was soo interesting. I know most of the people in the project so its great.

This is the dress i wore. I decided to take my own photo of myself after the shoot was over. Once those pics have been developed I'll put them up. In the shoot I was just trying to personify a really girly lesbian who was getting dressed.


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