Monday, December 20, 2010

Going Natural?

Its been on my mind for awhile to go back to my natural roots, not  to mention my mother really wants me to do it as well as an acquaintance from school.
The only thing that's holding me back is fear. Fear of going from medium/long hair to barely nothing at all. Now i know there are several choices and ways to go natural one that doesnt even require me to cut my hair off at all, but cutting it off would be the easiest and quickest way to return my hair back to its natural state.
Did I mention its much healthier too! The chemicals used to perm my hair can have life long effects...and NOT the good kind.
But I'm very interested in the new styles I would be able to try with my natural nappy roots and I could always add weave or wear a wig if i really wanted to change it up.

Here are some lovely ladies who have gone the natural route:

Now im not really into locks so ill probably just grow it out  and maybe do some kinky twists if i do decide to go natural.
Here are some hair cut styles I like:

Have any of you dreamers gone natural? Or made a drastic hair change?
If so, how did you build up the confidence to do it??

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  1. i am all for NO WEAVES, but dreads and curly kinks work for me.

    funfere koroye


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