Friday, May 20, 2011

21st Birthday Dress Ideas

So my 21st brthday is in 2 months and I found some potential party dresses. Although I have not decided what I'm doing yet for my birthday, I know I have to look fabulous. 

Current Dress Ideas: 

*images provided by asos and amiclubwear*

Thoughts or suggestions on bday ideas or dresses?


  1. I would say the third white one.

    Fashion Rehab

  2. I really like the third dress too!!
    now i just need to figure out what i should do lol.

    Thanksss :D

  3. I loveee the first one too!! I'm tied between the first and third.

    Thankssss for ur opinion :D

  4. Where is the first dress from?? im looking for my 21st birthday dress too but its in a week so i need to order fast!

  5. need help finding a dress fpr my 21st birthday plz help me?


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