Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mother Monster Finally Drops New Album

Deluxe Edition

Track List
1. Americano
2. Bad Kids
3. Bloody Mary
4. Born This Way
5. Edge of Glory (my favorite)
6. Electric Chapel
7. Government Hooker
8. Hair
9. Heavy Metal Lovers
10. Highway Unicorn
11. Judas
12. Marry the Night
13. Scheibe
14. You and I

So I promised myself that I would not download this album...I have to buy it. I loveeee Gaga and being a "Little Monster" I must support her to the fullest. But i dont know how long I can stick to that promise because I'm broke and I'm dying to listen to it.
The song titles are interesting to say the least and I can't wait to see/ hear the reason behind it.
From the songs I have heard, "Edge of Glory" is my favorite. I heard her perform it live on SNL and I instantly fell in love.

I'm sure this album is going to be a hit!

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