Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today's Outfit

The Look:
Sweater: present from my friend
Scarf: Cashmere (present from my bro)
Peruvian Leg Warmers: present from my friend in Peru
Booties: Steve Madden
(Pics straight from my dorm

I'm back at school and I'm loving every minute of it. Today is the second day of classes and this is the outfit i chose for this very windy day. I might not be posting as much as I used to, because I'm going to be very involved with my school work and activities.


  1. Loving those leg warmers with your leggings! Good luck with school! xoxo Jolie

  2. Hey,
    I'm from Singapore, and I just happened to come across your blog. I love the way you write and reading your stuff! Also, I am so dying to get my hands on your outfit to wear here. The only problem is that they don't have Steve Madden here, or even forever 21. Yep, that definitely sucks. Anyway, I think I'd be totally following your blog from now on!
    Rock on girl!

  3. wow Singapore!?! what is it like living over there?

    And no forever21?? omg...idk i could survive lol. You should come over to the states and go shopping! you'd love it.

    But thank you so much for showing an interest in my blog.

    i see you posted anonymously, but if you have a blog of your own let me know so i could check it out**


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