Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Game: Is the show coming back or not??

Although watchting repeats of the show is great, it's getting a little old. I want to know if this show is actually getting picked up for a new season or not? I was crushed when i hear the show was getting cancelled, because it's such a great show...I mean this show is really hilarious and all the characters are sexy!! There have been so many rumors about different networks picking the show up...but i haven't seen any evidence. I really thought BET was going to be the one to pick it up...but I guess I'll have to keep waiting...


  1. oh my god i love this show i heard bet did pick it up but they are not sure if the whole cast is coming back xoxoxo

  2. I heard BET was too, but I also heard that everyone did sign back on. I also heard they started filming in ATL already...idk*

    (( my fingers will be crossed ))

    thought i should share the news lol

  4. OMG!!
    thank youuu so much!
    I really hope the whole old cast returns. It wouldnt b tha same*

    thanks again chicka*


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