Sunday, March 14, 2010

My dorm room*

Whether it's the walls to my bedroom or my dorm room...i cant help but decorate my walls*

The Idol


  1. marilyn monroe is a classic what a beauty i absolutely love her and audrey hepburn i have them overlooking me in my makeup studio/closet

  2. aww you do*
    It feels good having those classic beauties looking down on us

  3. I adore them, too! Loved their sense of style; so classy and elegant. I also like your pin-ups. It reminds me of my dorm room ten years ago, where I've got tons of pin-ups on my wall. But when I visited my cousin's dorm recently, I just fell in love. Her room looks awesome! No pin-ups, no mess, but all glam! Wish I could have lived in a dorm like hers.


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