Monday, March 21, 2011

Racism Hits the Billboards

So a Texas based Pro-Life organization debuted a blatantly racist billboard in SoHo (NYC), that was thankfully taken down the next day due to outraged citizens and protestors. The group that sponsors the ad says the billboard was strictly created to raise awareness for Planned Parenthood, especially in minority communites.
The mother of the 6 year old girl in the ad wasn't even aware of it until friends pointed it out. You can imagine her outrage.

This is so ridiculous! The organization could have thought of a less offensive way to get their point across, like post the statistic on the billboard or something of that nature. But as I think about it, would the message have really gotten across if they didn't do it this way? I'm more mad at the slogan than the actual billboard. Statistics do show that African-American women do have a high abortion rate and we should take responsibility for it, but in order to reach a group of people about a cause it's better to make them understand than anger them.

Also, they should create ads including different races of children or no children at all because at the end of the day women of all cultures get's life.

Well I don't want to go on a rant about it, but I do have a lot more to say lol. Here are some more racist pro-life ads

What do you think dreamers?


  1. I personally, consider myself as Prolife & do support it. However, those billboards are just plain wrong. I don't think they should have done that. =/


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