Thursday, June 16, 2011

Artist Spotlight: The Weekend

The Weekend drops two new tracks!

Abel Tesfaye, singer, songwriter, and front man of The Weekend, is amazing to say the least. The Toronto based artist is on the verge of a new idiosyncratic form of R&B. He's also not bad on the eyes either. Thanks to friend and fellowToronto based rapper, Drake, for tweeting a lyric from one of his songs, The Weekend has been receiving a lot of praise.

Why The Weekend? Forget about blunt sexual lyrics, Abel Tesfaye sings to women about their needs. Yearning to feel their touch and understanding their need to just be held. Does he still talk about sex? Of course he's only human, but the way he goes about it is like no other. He looks to explore women; their mind, body and soul. Musiq Soulchild meets Trey Songz.

The most recent mixtape, House of Balloons, which dropped March 21, 2011 is gaining an immense amount of popularity and has been in deep rotation on my Ipod for two months. Please check it favorite song is "Wicked Games".

The nine song mixtape is actually one of a 3-part trilogy. Following House of Balloons will be Thursday (dropping this summer) and Echoes of Silence (dropping in the fall).  His recently released tracks"Rolling Stone" and "The Birds" will be on his Thursday LP. Canada has really bringing the fire and the sexy lately.

New Tracks:

Rolling Stone

The Birds


  1. Great spotlight I love The Weeknd, but never knew what his name was that sings. Good work.

  2. seriously think im inlove with him.

  3. so in love<3 we need more ppl like him!


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