Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gay Marriage hits NY!!

On June 24th, the senate passed the Gay Marriage Bill (33-29) which will be officially put into affect July 24, 2011.
This is a phenomenal accomplishement in gay rights. I was so shocked when the bill did not get passed in California but there was no doubt in my mind that New York would pass it.

You all already know how I feel about gay rights so I'm not going to go on another rant about it, but I'm just really excited and happy for everyone who this will positively effect. As far as the negative, we all know the major issue is religion but when it comes down to it "God loves ALL his children". God doesn't hate the sinner but the sin.

Marriage should be for everyone so let's go fall in love!


  1. i agrre so much iand i think ppl should be with the one they love <3,even if its with the same sex..............

  2. i so agree with you i feel that anyone should be with who they want to be with because i go both ways but girls are staarting to over weight guys and i dont know wat to do


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