Saturday, May 22, 2010

"He's Just Not That Into You"...Meets Real Life

Sooo I wasn't sure if I was going to post this or not, but I decided ehh I have nothing to hide.
This blog is like my journal, so imma just keep it real.
"See there's this boy"...oh that infamous line lol; So there was this boy who i had a crush on and he had a crush on me. When we finally met everything was all cool. We had a good time chillin together and just being in each other's company. Now I had recently just got out of a long term relationship and so did he, so we decided to keep it on a friendship level...(( with some benefits lol )).
We had an argument over some bs...(unfortunately i started it) and he left my room on bad terms. After that incident I feel like we haven't been the same. We didn't chill or txt as much. As time went things got a little better but still not the way they used to be.
{ This should have been my first sign }
Well even though we were just "friends" I still had feelings for him and was hoping it would lead to something more, and I kinda thought he felt the same way. Its the last day of school at this point and I was ok with where things were. I was excited for summer: the beach, my friends, fam, long nites, and seeing him*
LOL...Boy was I wrong
I think the feelings are gone as far as "us" goes...friendship im hoping is still there. I was being kinda aggy (aggravting/annoying), at least i believe i was, but hopefully he doesnt think so.
He's kool peoples so I'm hoping he can still by my homie*

As for me, I'm just exctied for summer and what it has to bring :)
I was embarrassed about putting this up cuz he does have a blog, but i got over it lol*

Have any of you dreamers gone through a similar situation??

LOL here are some links that fit the mood of this post:
(( hahaha my fav ))
(( i had to ))


  1. Oh MY!!! you're kidding? I've been having to deal w/ a situation that resembles this oh soo much, I feel ya. I'm glad to see u're goin strong...If you gotta move on, then you gotta move on(:

  2. but life goes on*

    We're too fly to be depressed lol :)


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