Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm only gonna tell you this once...You're the ILLEST!

Rihanna does Vogue Italia

I don't know why i'm just now seeing this spread but im glad I came across it. This spread is from 2009 and I'm only just now seeing it...(( shakes head )).
Well it was love at first sight. Rihanna is amazing and she continues to amaze me with her style, beauty, and music.
LOL it seems like she has legs FOR DAYSSS in this spread and I don't know if it's the eye makeup or what but her eyes are seem very powerful....they draw you in.

My 2 favs!!


  1. I LOVE RIHANNA, great post. I need to meet her one day

  2. Oh yeah I saw this photoshoot a few months ago...I really like it even tho Rihanna is not my fav ;)
    Love your blog tho! It's awesome and very inspiring. And you're so pretty!


  3. this shoot reminds me of Grace Jones just a tiny bit

  4. Thanksss for stopping by my blog*

    Inked: i loveee her too and me too!!
    Kasia_B: aww thank you so much. That really means a lot. lol
    Amandita: i thought the same thing

    {{ i hope yall follow }}

  5. yea it is pretty old but i like it still.
    and boo meal plans,
    that was the worst thing in my life lol

  6. WOW rihanna is so pretty! nice blog btw. Hope you could check and follow my blog as well. thanks so much! =)


  7. Thanks for the comment girl, PS I'm selling that ring on ebay in JUNE. if your interested stay posted!

  8. Mara: lol yea
    MissKC: Thank you so much. I'll check out your blog now
    Inked: ur welcome* and yeaaa im interested, Which ring are you selling? cuz it looked like u were wearing 2

  9. Im a follower of your as well. Hope you could follow me too!! =)


  10. She wrks that disturbia thng 2 perfection although I'm not a big fan. She is beautiful though.


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