Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rihanna- "Rockstar 101" Preview

She's so FIERCE!!!!!


  1. i cant wait, rihanna is so cool

  2. I know!!
    Rihanna def did her thing on this album

    thank you all for stopping by; i'd love to have u as followers

    I'm checking out ur blogs now

  3. Omg I cannot wait to see the video, ur blog too your header is hot, Thanks so much for your comment and subscribing...
    And oh yeah I think Georgina is faking it too... Lol i actually got sad about Chuck, i dont get why Blair got mad, I mean yeah he slept with Jenny but its not like he hasn't done it with other girls or ...

  4. what a cute blog and love the clip:)

  5. Amandita: Thank you soo much and ur welcome* And about GG: yea Georgina is def faking. And i kinda understood why Blair got mad..i kinda felt bad for her. All i know is they better get back together lol.

    Justin: ME TOOO!! im going to c her in concert...i cant wait

    Samisoni: Thank you! :)


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