Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Poem "Open Your Heart"

I understand why you shelter your heart
Why you keep your emotions bottled inside
But how long can your heart really play this game
How long do you expect to hide
I want to extinguish the bad memories and the hurt that you hold on to,
so dear
Shit I know I can be the one who makes you smile,
No more more tears.
See I dealt with the bullshit too and for that
my heart beats slow
But I could never refuse the possibility of "What if"
because then I'd never know...
What it means to have your hands interlock
with mine
For your love to flow through my body, our souls
The innocent smile you give,
when i bite your succulent lip
Or the intensity of passion when our lips,
actually kiss.
Foreget the past, the pain and the struggles you've faced
Its time to start new
Allow your heart to smile for a change...
My heart is waiting for (( you ))



  1. That's real love right their. We've a all been there at some point and is worth starting fresh reconciling those
    feelings of pain, knowing that's their is bliss waiting 4 you. Great Post! and
    check me out

  2. aww thank you so much*

    at this point its just a crush...waiting to see if it will turn into somethin real.

    ill def check your blog out

    (( i hope u follow ))


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