Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"He Loves it When I RIDEEEEEE it"

Ciara ft. Ludacris "Ride"

I had to put this up because my ex is obsessed with this song/video and we just had a big discussion about it. This girl knows how to move. I'm sorry but Ciara is shittin on all the other female dance artists. I've neva seen a female artist dance like Ciara. As my ex drooled all over the video, I completely understood why. That girl who def put the hurtin on a guy.
Imma def have to borrow some of those moves ;)
Overall the video is great. Her body looks amazing, her outfits/accessories were on point, and of course the dancing was flawless.


  1. i see ciara in london in britney spears tour, she is good on stage

  2. I have always loved Ciara. Glad to see she is come back with a bang. the song is HOT, HOT,


  3. Omg I luv your blog, im following you now. Come check me out,Follow it & show me some love twitter @MsKayz ! Have a good 1 : )BTW this was Kayz Video of the week !

  4. Yes Ciara is def doin her thing right now*

    And thank Ms Kay!
    i really appreciate it.
    I will def check out ur blog

  5. love this song . . it's one of my ringtones.

    Nice blog.
    Check out & Follow my blog. . .


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