Monday, April 26, 2010

I Take Out the First 2 Letters & Say HA HA to {{ YOU }} HATERS!

As i mentioned last week WIZ KHALIFA was supposed to come to my school last saturday...and ummm he DID! I was def on groupie mode (lol and im not embarrassed to say it). When it touched the stage i melted. This man is def sexier in person! Wiz Khalifa had the crowd going crazzzzzy! He such a chill person. I'm glad cuz i hate stuck up celebrities. He did a few of my fav. songs like "Up" and "Pedal to the Medal". The atmosphere was great and if you don't smoke (i dont) he made you feel like you should start. Haha the songs just put you in the mood to roll somethin up. As his line goes "If you don't smoke...I don't know why" lol.
Any way, after melting in front of the stage while singing his songs and making some eye contact with him, I went back stage to try and get a picture with him. Unfortunately he was in a hurry because he had to leave to do another show. BUT....i got something else.... A HUG!!!!! :D
Ahhhh my knees almost*
I have nothin but good memories about that day*

some pics i took*
(i was so close to him i could see the sweat on his forehead)

See what i mean....♥
(( Taylor Gang ))

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  1. DANG, SEXY.

    He always has and always will.
    people need to realize that.


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