Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot Ish of the Week: Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa: Kush and Orange Juice

I'm actually new to the Taylor Gang movement but after my first Wiz song hit my earbuds...I was HOOKED! I love his style of rap. I felt like I've been living under a rock because he's been out for awhile.
He's mainly known for his mixtape game....which is fire! He's sexy, different, and my new obsession. This skinny, tatted up lyricist will have you begging for more.

His latest mixtape Kush & Orange Juice is filled with songs that will have you singing along throughout the whole album. I wasn't sure if he was going to be able to top his most previous mixtape Burn After Rolling, because I honestly love every single song on that mixtape....but he proved me wrong. The songs on Kush & Orange Juice all have a different sound to them, which allows you to never say "this is just another artist whose songs all sound the same". NEVER WITH WIZ KHALIFA.
My favorites from Kush & Orange Juice include: "Mesmerized", "Up", "The Kid Frankie", "Never Been", "Good Dank", and "Still Blazin".

~OH and did I mention he's going to be at MY SKOOL this weekend!!!!~
ahhhhhhhhh :D

Check some out:


  1. Yeah me two thats all I listen to

    I followed u plz return da favor


  2. i kno* Wiz is def on his grind

    and thank you*

  3. girl, I saw everyone talking about him on Twitter and I downloaded the mixtape ASAP! my FAVES: "Up" also & "Pedal to the Medal"...I bump BOTH of these with the windows ALL the way down LoL!

  4. hahahaha YESSS!!
    this boy is on fire right now.
    "Up" is def my shit too


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